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Timeless Paths for a Life Well Lived

At Hawaii Island Retreat's Maluhia spa, mindfulness, natural health, and green living form the basis for each of our lifelong learning paths. Each is designed to enhance your island spa vacation or retreat. Be inspired. Feel transformed. Discover deeper ways to relate. 


True relaxation and clarity begin when we turn inward, with time-tested techniques such as yoga, meditation, chi gung, breathing, and creative visualization.  At Hawaii Island Retreat spa, our Inner Balance spa path includes an array of classes, in addition to outdoor contemplative walking paths and meditation gardens.  Our fully-equipped yoga studio features hardwood floors, and sliding glass doors that open onto a seaside grove.
Chi gung / Tai Chi
Hawaiian legends and lore walks


At Hawaii Island Retreat, your journey to natural eating begins in our organic orchard and vegetable gardens, then takes you delightfully into creative cooking styles that include Hawaiian, Asia, international and whole foods cuisine. Spa Cuisine Classes include the following:

  • Organic food gardening
  • Harvesting, storing, and preparing a variety of vegetables and fruits
  • Cooking styles
  • Vegetarian Cooking
  • Creating healthy menus.

Yoga every morning! What a luxury. I had time to delve deeper into the poses. Your instructors are marvelous and so knowledgable.


Please call for pricing at (808)889-6336. Private or group classes available.


Whether you are experiencing your first yoga class or are a yoga veteran, our class can be customized to meet your needs. We can offer a more vigorous class or a gentle, restorative class and anything in between.

Ke Alaula Meditation

Immerse into deep relaxation through a mindfulness meditation based on the Hawaiian principle of Ho'omalamalama, or to be enlightened. This 1/2 hour guided meditation can be added before or after yoga or on its own.

Chakra Meditation

Based on a 3000 year old tradition. Embark on a guided journey to stimulate and open the chakra system to optimally align the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the chakra energy centers.

Chi Gong

This 2000 year old series of body movements and breathing calms the spirit and the mind. It has also been shown to strengthen the immune system, to reduce stress, and to improve balance and posture.

Kohala Legends and Lore

Kohala Legends and Lore walk on the 50 acres of Ahu Pohaku Ho'omaluhia. Step back in time and explore the herbal tradition of Kohala on a easygoing walk. Learn to identify traditional plant medicine, learn about native customs, and hear stories of the area while basking in the tranquility of the valley, in the songs of the birds, and among resident Pohaku or stones. Re-connect with your place in the greater web of life. 1 hour.

Living on the Land - complimentary to guests

Experience life as our ancestors did - in deep connection with the land and with the other creatures who share it. Guests can join our staff to visit our goat herd with baby goats being born in January and February; enjoy luscious fruit picked and eaten right off the tree; help our gardener harvest vegetables from our organic gardens; and traverse our 50 acres of land observing and assisting with other gardens, orchards, and animals. This is a unique experience in sustainable living to help strengthen your relationship the living world - before it was wrapped in plastic.

I was uplifted by the sheer power and beauty of this place. Just being here is reward enough.